About Us

About Us

Dini Bikinis was created inspired by the warmth and freedom sensation of Brazil. Our mission is to make every woman feel feminine, sexy and comfortable at the same time. Summer is the season of long days in Europe, the most joyful season of the year, which celebrates life and liberty. And Dini wants to bring this feeling to swimwear in Switzerland.

Knowing the high quality of Brazilian bikinis, as well as the extreme creativity of colors and prints of its products, Dini Bikinis came up with the goal of bringing this little piece of Brazil to Europe, focused on the Swiss market. The girl who lives in Switzerland also wants to enjoy the elegance, and freedom that Brazilian bikinis bring.  

Dini does not want to bring bikinis only for standard bodies, we believe that everyone has the right to feel powerful no matter how small their choice of bikini is. Our bikinis are handpicked to enhance a woman's body, and our mission is to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Comfortable with yourself. A bikini that is YOURS.


Our name

Did you know that the first woman to wear a bikini was called Michelini Bernardini? Can you imagine how revolutionary and brave was her act on accepting to be photographed and be in the media wearing a bikini? Bear in mind that this was in 1946. 

Michelini Bernardini wearing the first bikini

We want to celebrate pattern ruptures, the courage and independence of women!

Using the end of her last name - DINI - to name our brand could not be more perfect! Moreover, the combination with the Swiss market and our identity was a "match at the first swipe" - DINI - means YOURS. This brand is YOURS, the bikinis and the bodies are YOURS. You deserve it girl!