How to choose a perfect bikini fit: 3 important things to consider

How to choose a perfect bikini fit: 3 important things to consider

Have you ever wondered how to choose the best swimsuit for your body type? 

Summer is getting near, and you still dońt have a perfect bikini fit for the dream travel, and you want to feel comfortable to enjoy all the adventures. You also want to feel empowered among your girlfriends and potential matches. 

You definitely dont want: 1. a boring style; 2. a cut that wont dress you correctly; 3. A fabric that doesn't hug your skin correctly, creating space between the bikini and your skin (especially after that swimm), or a bikini that will lose its quality at the third wash

So, let‘s go to what matters - the three most important things when choosing your swimwear:

  1. The right color and pattern

Like in fashion, black and other dark tones are classic, and always worth it to have at least one of those in your options. But you dont want to always have to go with the obvious. In the warm season, when we are all so energized, full of good energies - nothing better than having that translated in your bikinis as well. We will speak more about 2023 trends in another post. But let´s think about your skin tone and the swimwear color. The dark colors are definitely basics, but if you are feeling pale at the beginning of the season, those colors won't be your best friend. You could be emphasizing the light skin color with a dark swimwear color even more. For this reason, relying on colors and patterns - especially at the summer start - can be a great advantage. Check some of our pastel coloured bikinis, as the pastel blue swimsuit,  the lavender bikini set, or patterns such as Porto swimwear, and Cottage print.

Other vivid colors might work very well for more pale or tanned skin colors, such as the Acqua blue bikini set, Orange tones, or dark purple. 

For darker skin tones, or when you finally got the dream tan - earthy colors are always an amazing choice, such as our dark yellow bikini set, or darker patterns, such as our amazing bikini sets options with the Mikonos pattern.

You can also think about your hair color, we love blondies in blue bikinis, and brunettes in strong tones such as oranges.

2. The right bikini cut

Not always the large swimwear that you pick when you feel like hiding your „imperfections“ are the best one for you. We are keen to show to all women that exposing a bit more of your beautiful skin can be really advantageous for you. In the right amount, off course.

Bikinis covering almost the whole bottom back wont show your feminine curves. We might be suspicious to say, but Brazilian cuts can really make the most of your curves! What? showing more, can actually highlight my body? YES - and we beg you to try it out!

Our briefs are cut tide (meaning no air between your skin and the fabric, which will also bring you comfort) and most of them have a slightly higher leg cut. The small to medium coverage, combined with a good stretch visually lifts the bum up, and makes it look crisper. Without mentioning that in brazil we created the „empina bumbum“ cut, which means „bumbum lift effect briefs“. This cut has no sewing on the sides, and only in the middle of the back of the briefs - adjusting perfectly to your body. That is why not only many models, but also all sorts of female celebrities wear Brazilian Cut Bikinis.

For the top I feel that this could be a whole different post to cover the different cup sizes. What do you think?

3. Feeling Comfortable

Feeling comfortable is off course a very important item for you to be able to feel free and enjoy your time using the bikini. Be it at the pool with your friends, by the beach, or the lake. Swimsuits often are used for water sports as well, so we need to right away link comfort with quality.

Quality, quality, quality - that few francs-euros more can reduce a lot of headache from your time off. We say that because one thing is to have a bikini with a fabric that is elastic enough to adjust to your body, and that wont fade the lycra after a few uses. Thats why higher amounts of Lycra will be more advantageous. Some cheap bikinis do use a cheaper fabric in the inside part of the piece. This can make the swimwear less elastic, and also more heavy, and lengthy to dry. Dini bikinis come with double fabric - the outside, and inside are made with the same combination of fabrics to keep the quality. One of the secrets of brazilian bikinis. 

Other secrets for perfect quality, and perfect fit that we have in our swimwear are: a. built-in stiching; and b.comfort tag.

What is that? 

a - Bikini models with built-in stiching have the sewing to the inside part of the piece. So they will hug your body perfectly because they wont be tigheter at the sewing line. Not making any of your curves be out of place

b - Comfort tag means that the bikini details are printed in the inside part of the piece. There are no tags attached. You know those tags that you usually end up cutting because they were annoying you, or showing at the wrong time? Yep - those are gonne in the products indicated with „comfort tag“. I guess you understand the name now.

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